New Form

The perception and imagination of the viewer becomes part of the art in New Form, a recent series of ceramic sculptures by Kevin Callaghan. From a distance, one might see these works as the walls of a village, and imagine these structures as the potential mock-ups for a utopian city, or perhaps as otherworldly buildings that defy practicality. Up close, these small sculptures—each of which is constructed within the constraints of its 30-by-30 centimeter base — draw the viewer in, with porous texture and unexpected nooks where the mind can wander.

In their modular construction and geometric forms, Kevin’s works are reminiscent of Minimalism, and similarly call upon the viewer to appreciate the fundamental physical relationships between planes, materials, light, and shadow. Kevin has exhibited his work widely, with a recent exhibition of New Form at GOMA Gallery of Modern Art in Waterford, Ireland, and has just completed a residency at the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris.

Text: Bethney Fincher (Saatchi Art)
Photos: Malcolm McGettigan